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Capitalizing on Canadians’ love of all major sports (but mostly hockey), theScore debuted in Canada in 2007 and quickly became one of the most popular sports information websites in the country. The Canadian equivalent of or Yahoo! Sports. Lately the company has made a strong push into the American market with a US-centric version of its popular website and the introduction of theScore Bet, a sports betting app. Single-game sports betting is not legal in Canada (yet), so theScore Bet is not available in theScore’s home country. But it is live in Indiana, having launched in the state in September 2020 through a partnership with Ameristar Casino East Chicago.

Has theScore successfully transitioned from a sports information company to a sports information company with a sportsbook? Read on for the answer, and for helpful information about theScore Bet’s new customer bonus offer, a full review of the app, advantages and disadvantages of the app, bet types, and customer service options.

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theScore Bet offers many other promotions, mostly related to the high-profile sporting event of the moment. NFL, March Madness, NBA/NHL playoffs, MLB, World Cup, all get their turn. These promotions include risk-free bets, parlay insurance, odds boosts, and reduced juice. Be sure to check the app for the latest promotions and remember to look over the Terms and Conditions before making your wager.

Loyalty program

theScore Bet does technically have a loyalty program, but it is kind of mysterious. There is a page on its website stating that the sportsbook offers “VIP upgrades for our players provided they fit the criteria of the VIP team.” The only way to contact the VIP team is by email. If you have VIP status at another sportsbook, it would be worth your time to inquire about theScore Bet’s VIP program.

How to register

Every sportsbook requires you to sign up for an account before wagering. This includes providing some personal information so they can verify your identity. They need to verify your identity because you are depositing money into an account that they control so there are various state laws governing the management of your money. This information usually includes your address and the last four digits of your Social Security Number, which is securely held using industry-standard encryption. That is part of the deal when signing up for an account with any sportsbook.

Additional ID requirements

theScore Bet goes further than other sportsbooks by requiring you to take a photo of your driver’s license and even a picture of yourself before signing up for an account. This is in addition to the standard information required at all sportsbooks. This added level of security may be intrusive for some, but theScore Bet says that their procedures for verifying their new customers’ ID is similar to what they would do at a retail sportsbook. Either way, it’s a requirement of signing up for an account with the operator, so you’re kind of stuck with giving them a selfie if you want to use theScore Bet.

All that said, signing up for an account is pretty simple. You enter your email address, create a password, add your personal information, take a picture of yourself and your driver’s license, and you’re ready to make a deposit. If you’re already in Indiana, you can start betting immediately. Your phone already has geolocation software installed so you just have to give theScore Bet permission to know where you are so they can make sure you are actually in the state. If you’re not in the state, you can make a deposit and will be able to wager whenever you get there. You do not have to be an Indiana resident to sign up and wager with theScore Bet. This is helpful for all the visitors who come to the Hoosier State for basketball tournaments, the Indy 500, and tenderloin sandwiches at Nick’s Kitchen.

App layout and review

Once you have signed up for an account, you are ready to play. But is theScore Bet worth your time and money compared to other mobile sportsbook apps? If you like to bet on your phone, and chances are you do, then yes, theScore Bet is a solid option worth your time. Most sportsbooks offer a browser and app version of their product, but theScore Bet is only available as an app. This is a disadvantage for those who like to bet from their laptop or desktop.


The app layout is simple and clean. Top sports are prominently displayed in a row at the top of the app, and promos are right in the middle, easy to see and click on. Upcoming games based on popularity are a quick scroll down the app. The top 3-4 games in each sport are featured and clicking on the large “See All” button will take you to the rest of that sport’s games. The bottom of the app is where you can go back to the home page, track your bets, see what games are live, and find a list of all the sports available to wager on.

Once you find a bet you want to make, just push the button and your betslip will automatically appear. One minor issue is that the first bet you choose automatically makes the betslip pop up. If you want to make another selection you have to go back and make your additional choices and press the betslip button on the bottom of the app. If you have more than one bet, you can automatically combine them into a parlay or teaser without taking any additional steps. The option is available on your betslip. If you want to keep your bets as individual straight bets, you can do that too. All your bets are intuitively laid out and the amount you can potentially win is clearly displayed in real time.

Betting markets and lines

theScore Bet offers some very good value to the bettor. Appealing -105 lines on major sporting events? Yes. Consistently better numbers on moneyline underdogs? Yes. Higher payouts on futures bets? Yes, but not necessarily on the favorites. There’s always a but.

Price comparison

As an example, before the 2021 MLB season futures were available on who would win the World Series. The Dodgers were the favorite, and were consistently listed at +350 on every sportsbook, including theScore Bet. Other favored teams like the Yankees (+500/+550) and Braves (+900/+1000) were priced below DraftKings. But the teams with longer odds had better prices on theScore Bet. The Cincinnati Reds were +3500 on theScore Bet vs. +3300 on DraftKings. The Chicago Cubs were a favorable +2500 to win the National League vs. +2200 on Unibet. These bets may be long shots, but they still represent value to the bettor. As any baseball fan will tell you, everyone has a chance on Opening Day.

Bet types

A bet offered by a sportsbook is often called a “market” because the sportsbook “makes a market” for the bet by offering either side of the result. The “market” is people coming together to buy and sell the offering against the sportsbook. So if the Pacers are playing the Lakers, one market would be the spread bet that is offered by the sportsbook. Bettors would either “buy” the Pacers bet at the price listed or “sell” by taking the Lakers. This concludes our lesson in sports betting markets.

Put simply, markets are the bets offered by a sportsbook. At most sportsbooks, each game has dozens of different markets, or available wagers. Some larger events like the Super Bowl have hundreds of markets. theScore Bet offers markets in the following bet types:

  • Spread
  • Moneyline
  • Futures
  • In-game/Live
  • Prop bets
  • Over/Under
  • Parlay
  • Round Robin
  • Teaser
  • Cash out

Advantages of theScore Bet


The layout is an advantage. As described above, it is simple and easy to navigate. The predominantly black background contrasted with blue writing works very well. There is enough space to easily identify the betting options and it is intuitively laid out. Overall a quality product.


A nice layout is one thing, but people will put up with an inferior product for superior prices. For many markets, theScore Bet offers above-average value. For example, during March Madness, theScore Bet offered -105 prices against the spread on most games, with the over/under coming in at a fair -110. This was a great deal compared to FanDuel, which was up to -116 against the spread in some games. Across all major sports, moneyline bets on theScore Bet consistently provided better value than other sportsbooks for those backing the underdog.

Disadvantages of theScore Bet

No browser version

Most sports bettors do at least some wagering on their smartphone. Some bettors only use their smartphone, but many do like the larger screen or desktop layout that can only be found on a computer browser. theScore Bet is only available as a smartphone app. The app itself is a quality product, but only being available on your smartphone is a disadvantage compared to other sportsbooks that have browser and app versions.

Limited number of sports

There is definitely some value to be found in the lines offered by theScore Bet, but the variety of sports available to bettors is severely lacking. The major sports are listed, but not a lot else, unless you like Bull Riding, which is admittedly a niche sport not offered by some other sportsbooks. If you’re into betting on sports outside of the mainstream, like cricket, Australian Rules Football, table tennis, or volleyball, all of which are available on other sportsbooks like Caesars Sportsbook and BetMGM, you’re out of luck. They are not offered on theScore Bet.

Limited prop bets offered

We mentioned betting markets earlier. Larger sportsbooks like DraftKings and FanDuel offer dozens of markets on all games, even low-profile regular season games. theScore Bet…doesn’t have that many. A few hours before tipoff, an Indiana Pacers game on a recent Monday evening listed zero player props and only three game props: alternative lines (2), team totals, and 1st half team totals. One hour before tipoff, additional prop bets were added, but this is still a disadvantage because you don’t know what prop bets will even be offered until just before the game starts. On DraftKings, the same game had over 50 available prop bets listed several hours before tipoff. Not everyone wants to wager on whether Pacers star Domantas Sabonis will record 10+ assists against the Wizards, but if you’re into prop bets, the lack of timely props on theScore Bet will surely be disappointing.


One of the biggest advantages of using a regulated sportsbook like theScore Bet over an offshore operator or your local bookie is the safety of your deposits and ability to quickly and easily withdraw your funds. You may not be into digital currency, but offshore sportsbooks love them, and often encourage you to use them to make a deposit. Your neighborhood bookie could be a cash-only operation, which may be ok sometimes but maybe not when you win and have to carry around a bunch of cash. Plus there is no recourse if offshore books and/or your local bookie don’t let you withdraw your funds in a timely manner or don’t pay you out at all. Who are you going to report them to? They have no motivation to provide customer service.

Regulated sportsbooks, on the other hand, have every motivation to provide excellent customer service. Additionally, they are licensed and regulated by regulatory agencies in the state in which they operate, which in Indiana means the Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC). Your deposits are kept safe and you can withdraw your money any time you want, pending operator approval. If you are not satisfied or have a complaint, you can chat with the sportsbook or even call the IGC directly. Sportsbooks like theScore Bet are competing for your business so they are motivated and driven to provide you, the bettor, with the best experience possible, including several options for deposits and withdrawals.

Banking options for theScore Bet include:

  • ACH eCheck – Deposit funds directly from your checking account
  • Debit/credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, or Discover
  • theScore Bet branded Play+ prepaid card – Add funds to your personal Play+ card and easily make deposits and withdrawals
  • Wire transfer – Wire funds directly from your bank account. Additional fees may apply.

Withdrawal options include debit cards, eCheck, and Play+ prepaid account.

These banking options are more limited than other sportsbooks, many of which offer PayPal and PayNearMe, among other options. Whatever method you prefer, be sure to check the rules of your financial institution before making a deposit.

Customer service

Speaking of customer service, there are several options available if you have a question about your theScore Bet account. There is a lot of information available on the app and website, including a FAQ, glossary of betting terms, quick start guide, and responsible gaming resources. This content should answer most of your questions, but if you have a more specific question or concern, a representative is available by live chat directly on the app. You can also call the customer service hotline (855.916.0077) or send them an email ( This level of customer service is about industry standard, but having live chat available on your smartphone is a level of convenience unmatched by most sportsbooks.



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