Indiana Bettor Hits Absurd Multi-Sport Parlay, Parties Too Hard In Las Vegas

Sportsbooks will be happy to book bets like this all day and all night. But sometimes they have to pay up.

A gambler located in the state of Indiana hit a wild $8 multi-sport future parlay for more than $20,600, FanDuel said. The bet was placed in July and cashed after the NFL’s Super Bowl on Sunday. It’s a remarkable wager, one most would go an entire lifetime without hitting if you bet on this sort of thing every year. For an $8 gamble, however, it must have made for a fun sweat.

FanDuel offered the bettor +257948 odds on the parlay. Easy money for the regulated online sportsbook (and some decent publicity, too), even though in this instance it dropped over $20,000.

The biggest long shot was on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when they were +1500 to win it all. Quarterback Tom Brady didn’t disappoint in his seventh career Super Bowl victory in his first season with the new team after two decades at the helm in New England.

How did the gambler celebrate? Apparently getting wasted in Las Vegas.

He didn’t like the mainstream coverage he received on the parlay.

Well, the bettor is looking at replicating the improbable success…