Revenue Per Indiana Slot Machine Up Big In March, But Overall Win Down Compared To March 2019

Indiana did not set a record for slot machine coin-in like its neighbor Ohio did last month, but revenue per machine increased sharply compared to the same month prior to the pandemic.

The Indiana Gaming Commission on Monday released figures that showed the casinos won $176,662,602 from their combined 10,320 slots, down from $186,579,390 in March 2019 when there were 18,113 machines among the Las Vegas-style casino properties.

Indiana casinos have been operating under COVID-19 capacity restrictions. Revenue per machine last month was more than $17,000, compared to $10,300 in March 2019, a 66.2% increase.

However, Indiana slot machines were not as active as their counterparts in Ohio. Ohio casinos also have had a large reduction in the number of machines, but saw their revenue grow 28% between March 2019 and March 2021. Ohio revenue per machine in March 2019 was $7,690, compared to $14,267 last month, an 85.5% increase. The difference between Indiana and Ohio is not readily apparent.

One factor could be sports betting. Indiana sports bettors risked $316.7 million last month. Ohio doesn’t have sportsbooks, online or retail, though a bill is in the works.

In other words, Indiana has more gaming options, including the ability to gamble from home.

Overall winnings for the casinos

Combined with $32,389,665 in table game revenue, the Indiana casinos overall won $205,382,903 last month, more than double the $96,134,596 in March 2020, when the pandemic shuttered the casinos mid-month. Indiana casino win fell by nearly 25% last year to $1.62 billion.

March 2019 casino win was $213,421,141.

Through the first two months of this year, Indiana casino win was down more than 15% to $339.1 million.

February was a nice result for the casinos. The summer should be a solid one, with continued COVID-19 vaccinations and more aspects of life for Hoosiers expected to return to normal again.

The table game revenue last month was up from $19,640,970 in March 2020, as well as up from $30,818,586 in March 2019.

However, two additional properties had table games last month compared to March 2019.